Scaly Leg Mites and Now Unable to Stand

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    Hoping someone can advise me please.

    I have a rooster, just over 1 year old, who has suffered badly on and off from scaly leg mites. A number of months ago he had this problem and was unable to walk for a week or so. Now, he has it again. He is unable to stand or walk. I'm pretty sure it's not Mareks and is just the scaly leg mites. None of my other chickens are affected. I've dosed him with Cydectin pour-in and have been soaking his legs and applying vicks vapo rub.

    Please there anything I can do to help him?? Other than not being able to stand or walk he seems perfectly happy in himself. He has stopped crowing though. His comb and waddles are bright red and he is very alert. As he can't move at all, I'm having to position food/water beside him on the ground to be sure he gets something to eat.

    We're due to go away on holiday in a weeks time for 10 days. I'd really like him to be standing by then. Is there anything that could speed up the process??

    Many thanks
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    Mar 14, 2011
    If it keeps re-ocurring, it sounds like it's not being eradicated completely each time?? Could you be stopping treatment too early? I'm not sure about the Vicks but I have seen others talk about using it here. What about cold-pressed, organic coconut oil? I swear by the stuff for all kinds of things, but haven't had scaley leg mites to date to try it out. I'm sure if you research here, you'll find the length of time you should treat for the mites so as to get any mites that hatch later, etc. I'm guessing 10 days - so I'd do 15, can't hurt. Poor guy...I'll bet the soaks feel really good to him....hang in there![​IMG]
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    Thanks for your reply.

    Yes, I tend to agree with you that I perhaps haven't been treating him for long enough each time. Last time I treated him with Cydectin twice 15 days apart. But as I was nervous about using Cydectin I dosed him initially with 4 drops and then with 5 drops. This last time I upped the dosage to 7 drops. I just hope I'm not causing the Cydectin to become ineffective! His legs are a little warm and just slighty pink on his hocks(?). There is no broken skin and no lumps or bumps anywhere. I'm hoping that all his troubles are just scaly leg mites.

    Last year I did take him to the vet and they xrayed his legs. No internal problems were seen at that time.

    My roo, Aramis, is big boy....a Brahma, and with his feathered feet it makes it really difficult trying to treat this externally.

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