Scaly leg mites, help!


11 Years
Mar 14, 2008
Northern Virginia
when i first bought my seven chickens, the women who sells them to me assured me that the 'growths' on their feet were natrual, and that with one application of vasaline in the fall they would soften up and fall off.
after awhile i began to get concerned with the pain signals i was getting, i did some online research and apparently all seven of my birds are infected with scaly leg mites. ive heard many different things that may help, soupy water a wide range of oils,vasaline and of course, invermecton, what id like to know is, wich one of these are most effective?
It would depend for me on how bad the infestation is. Keeping a good coat of vaseline on the legs smothers and kills the mites without chemicals. This is the preferable way for me. I would wash the legs and feet in warm soapy water. Dry them well. Then coat with a fairly thick sealing coat of vaseline. Check them every day and reapply as needed. You should see a vast improvement in 7 days.
Can you post a pic? (for REALLY BAD infestation I would suggest you apply a 1% solution of ivermectin TOPICALLY to the leg area itself....let air dry then dip leg in oil daily...this will clear it right up)
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i dont think i can manage a pic, i havent quite figured out how to post them:( but i have tried vasaline it doesnt seem to be working, and seven chickens in soupy water is hard buisness, but i geuss ill have tp try
thank you
every day-hmm I was told once week- been 3 weeks and they look no better ( to spray with adam s flea and tick spray- ) I was wondering if it would take FOREVER) they are so greasy now-LOLI am not sure I can catch them tomorrow-
I am treating everyone whether they have symptoms or not to be safe
some feet look fine a few don't

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