Scaly leg mites on brooding Australorp hen

Discussion in 'Predators and Pests' started by 10AcreChick, May 17, 2016.

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    A few months ago my Australorp got a case of scaly leg mites (only one in a flock of 20) and I treated her regularly for a couple of weeks by washing her legs and smothering them with Vaseline. It worked great and she got new scales. I have been keeping an eye on her ever since and was just a couple weeks ago starting to suspect that she was getting them again. Was just pondering starting her treatment again when she all of a sudden went broody. She's my first ever broody and so I wanted to take advantage of it, put a dozen (hopefully) fertile eggs under her and separated her from the rest to her own pen. She is doing an awesome job. But should I worry about the (possible) scaly leg mites? Or will brooding smother them? Or will it hurt the eggs? I'm guessing a Vaseline treatment would definitely not be good for the eggs, as it would clog the pores and introduce bacteria. And make for a nasty nest.

    Any advice on this would be helpful. She doesn't seem to be in bad health at all, so maybe three weeks without a treatment wouldn't hurt anything?
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    I'd be tempted to treat her with Ivermectin. Read some of the scaly leg mite/Ivermectin threads and make your decision. Brooding will not smother the leg mites if she has them, and Vaseline would not be a good idea.

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