Scaly Leg Mites?

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    Nov 30, 2015
    Hi everyone, this is my first post as I am in some need of urgent help. I currently own five Silkies, four of them have what looks like scaly leg mites. My rooster however is fine, and I can’t identify any upon his feet. I have attached a photo of the worst case; however my others only have a small amount compared to this Silkie. I have never encountered the problem and underneath the Silkies feathers I hadn’t spotted it until this morning, if you think it is something worse (not scaly leg mites) and recommend I see a vet I will make sure to do so, but if you think a remedy will help to remove whatever it may be I will follow that up as well. Also would it be worth treating my rooster, just as a precaution to stop it from spreading? I will be thoroughly cleaning their enclosure, would any products be recommend when cleaning to avoid this from occurring again, or are their other preventative measures that can be taken. Thanks everyone.
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    Ouch, that does look like a severe case! I would start immediately by slathering their legs with Vaseline to smother out the mites. Treat your rooster too as they spread easily and he could have a mild case already that just isn't detectable yet.

    You could also pick up some Eprinex from your local Tractor Supply and hit them with that - it's lost potency as a wormer but it does work to kill leg mites.

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