Scaly leg mites?

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    Sep 27, 2015
    I know this isn't the best picture, but she'll only let me pick her up when she's roosting after dark. Does this look like scaly leg mites? Over the last couple days this has become very painful to her and she'll only stand on one foot and when she walks she high steps. I've been dunking her legs in vegetable oil as I heard it suffocates the mites and kills them, which is why her legs look oily here. Any ideas? Is that what this looks like? Any other treatment ideas?[​IMG]
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    Yes, looks like it to me. Maybe try some Vaseline and teatree oil mixed or some Nu Stock. Might be more effective than just vegetable oil. Good luck.
  3. Any kind of oil will work, my favorite is castor oil. The secret is regular dipping, and foing it until her legs are completely healed.
  4. Petroleum Jelly is the best cure but add a little Permethrin insecticide to the petroleum jelly.

    In order to help all of you to better understand the irritation that scaly leg mites bring on, ....the dark matter between the scales on this bird's legs is mite feces. Hopefully that will motivate the new chicken keepers to work harder.

    Treating every bird in your runs at one time goes a looooong way toward banishing scaly leg mites.
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    To be honest I'm not sure that looks like scaley mites. Might be just the photo but looks more like patches of raw skin than clumps of growth? And what is the black colouring? Are they in a muddy run?

    I've seen a flock at the point some of their toes were falling off with it and you could barely see the roosters toes below the crusty bits and they were still walking round like normal despite the pain they must have been in so I'm wondering why this moderate dose if that's what this is would be crippling her so quickly.

    Did you remove parts of the scaley clumps perhaps?
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    I am making the assumption that the black coloring is either mud or mite feces that has been moistened by the oil. May I suggest that you soak her feet and legs in a small amount of warm water with a little epsom salts in it and gently scrub with a soft brush like a toothbrush to clean them. Dry her feet/legs then reapply the vegetable oil or the vaseline that chickengeorgeto referred to. I would also suggest that you inspect the legs of your other girls to make sure that they don't have leg mites starting as well.

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