Scaly leg mites?


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Apr 30, 2019
Hi, my hens feet are both quite swollen, I was thinking scaly leg mites but I’m not completely sure with all of the swelling. She’s started to limp occasionally as well as perching on one foot and it seems like it is affecting her. Just wondering if anyone had any ideas? Also what’s the best treatment? I’ve tried Vaseline, but there was no improvement after a few days or so. All of the photos are from today, the lighting just makes them look different. Thankyou so much for any suggestions :)


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It does look like it may be scaly leg mites, the center picture in particular there is scale loss. Treating them takes some time, you have to kill the mites and it can take months for the feet/legs to return to normal depending on the severity. I would continue to treat several times a week until you see improvements. Below is more info, there is one treatment using gasoline, I would not do that where there may be broken skin, it would burn. (I've personally never used that particular treatment). I use castor oil, it's very thick and covers well, and you can work it under raised scales with a soft toothbrush, gently. Then cover with vaseline. Don't worry if dirt sticks to the oiled legs and feet, it won't hurt anything.

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