Scaly leg mites.

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    Seems I've got myself into a pickle. I recently got 10 chickens a peacock a goose and one pheasant. It seems the chickens have scaly leg mites but there in my main coop! It has wooden wall and straw on the floor. I'm treating them by dipping oil on there feet including my ducks (even the ones whom have not come into contact withthem. How do I disenfect the coop tho?
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    Congratulations on the leg mites. [​IMG] First, get rid of the straw. Since they are hollow, they harbor mites and give buggies a place to hide when they aren't feasting on your birds. Leg mites tend to live on the birds luckily. Unlike red mites which do live in your coop, you can always clean and disinfect your coop, but your main focus is going to be on the birds' legs. Since there are leg mites, check all the birds for body lice/mites as well.

    We had a rescue hen with leg mites. We bathed her legs in warm soapy water and then painted her legs every day with a vaseline and neem oil mixture. Cleared it right up. We kept it up for 2 weeks, just to be sure. Most say to go at least a week to choke out future generations of mites.

    Good luck!
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    Yes you need to treat for 2 weeks with the oil...has worked for me! Also rub oil on the comb and wattles, as that scaly leg mite also attacks those areas sometimes.

    I would treat the coop as if treating for regular mites. Yes straw is hollow as RS stated....

    I would clean out all bedding, spray coop and replace with very light bedding, as you need to throw it out again in one week. Some dust everywhere, some spray.

    Dawg53 said that he uses dust and a leaf blower to blow it into the coop (places a pile of dust at the entrance so he doesn't inhale it).

    I would also dust the birds and repeat in 7 days if it were me in case they have other mites.

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