scaly leg mites

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Sep 29, 2008
This has been a bad week for parasites! first mites, now scaly leg mites. so i had a couple of bantam cochin pairs dropped off, all of which have bad cases of scaly leg mites. i hsve applied vasaline for now to help, but i have heard nu-stock works great. So, where can you get it? and how often should i apply it? will just the nu-stock work, or should i give them ivermectin also? i treated the coops and birds with seven dust also, and plan to re-dust in a week. any help would be appreciated


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Mar 27, 2013
waverly ohio
this might sound a little harsh, but it works well. rub their legs with used motor oil, kerosene, or diesel fuel. after a couple of days coat with a mixture of vet rx and Vaseline. dust all birds with seven dust, dust coop. after 2 dustings a week or so apart, add diatomaceous earth to bedding and on coop floor.

this will usually get rid of mites

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