Scaly Leg Mites

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    Apr 7, 2012
    I have a mixed breed rooster with slightly feathered legs that has scaly leg mites. The hens may have them too, I just haven't checked them yet. I was told about a few things that might work such as flea spray, a chlorox solution, and vaseline. However I found this method online and am considering it.
    1) soak the feet and legs in warm water
    2) dry with a towel, gently exfoliating any dead, loose scales.
    3) dip feet and legs in oil, (linseed, mineral, olive, vegetable) which suffocates the mites.
    4) wipe off linseed oil and slather affected area with petroleum jelly.​

    If I do this method, can I do it during the day? I read some threads on here and it seemed like some were doing it at night and then putting the chicken on the roost. Obviously this is a messy method. My chickens free range, so if I turn them loose after applying vaseline, surely they wouldn't get too messy. Would they leave the vaseline alone, or will they try to peck at it?

    The hens have nice clean legs, so I'm not too concerned about them. They also dust bathe daily in the barn, so should I also check them for mites on their bodies? What do I look for?
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    I prefer the oil myself. Yes they will get messy but it will go away eventually. Most people do it at night only because it is easier to catch them.

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