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    My roosters and my hens have scaly legs that are really scaly even my 5 year old hen has better legs,im not sure what ages they are but I didn't have them for a year the hen still lays eggs but I want to cure them for better looks, I heard to use ivomic and oil and water, any help
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    Can you post some photos of the legs?
    There are several method of treating Scaly Leg Mites.

    Wash the legs in some warm soapy water, gently scrub with a soft brush, this will help get rid of some of the mite "debris".
    Dry the legs. You can apply some vaseline, a+d ointment, coconut oil, etc. this will help to smother the mites. You will need stay on top of it and apply your oils/treatment every day. Won't hurt to wash/soak the legs and feet a few times a week, then reapply your treatment.

    You can also use Ivermectin if you wish, there is a debate on egg withdrawal periods in using Ivermectin, so do some research and go with a withdrawal period that you are comfortable with.

    Here is a good link with alternative treatments:

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