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    I have 3 chickens and i am recently treating them from scaly leg mites, 2 of the chickens are getting much better and their legs are less scaly however the other chicken has seemed to have gotten worse. Her feet used to be only a little bit scaly so I treated them with Water, Oil and Vaseline however after about a week, her feet have gotten much worse and they are now scaly and a sort of white powder on the top. her feet has seemed to go into layers however it is only the ankle part of the leg which is affected by this.

    She does not limp and she seems quite happy however I am sure this is not normal for a chicken.

    I am not sure what is wrong with her so please tell me what is wrong with her!
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    The debris from the scaly leg mite can build up and look thick and whitish. Sometimes soaking the legs helps the debris slough off and helps the oil cover the mites more effectively. I think there are threads that describe soaking the feet in warm water and then rubbing in oil. If she does not have the temperament for standing around in a tub of warm water, then you could also try coating her legs with a bit of permethrine based ear mite drops for dogs or cats.
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