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    Feb 26, 2015
    I recall reading here where someone was wanting to start a gift exchange. I will paste in what I read today. Just a warning before participating in any gift exchange ideas.
    This generous offer is courtesy of something called the "secret sisters gift exchange." There's also a similar post going around focused on a book exchange for kids, but the basic premise is the same.

    The instructions clearly detail a classic two-deep pyramid scheme. You begin by sending a gift to the first secret sister. Then, move the second secret sister to the first position, send the instructions to six other ladies, and on and on. At the end, you’re promised gifts in about two weeks. Well, how lucky are you!

    Stop right there. With each level, you need more people to keep it going. By the time you hit the 11th level, you need the entire population of the United States participating to make it work. Even at the 4th or 5th level, the odds of getting even one gift back after you send one are very slim.

    Then there's the fact that pyramid schemes are illegal and might get you fined or imprisoned. The federal government and many states also have laws against these kinds of schemes.


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    Sep 25, 2015
    Void where prohibited.
    I came across a new one this week.
    I just put a car on craigslist.
    I got a pretty quick response from someone who said they wanted to buy the car this weekend. Cool! I thought to myself.
    Then I get an email from them asking me to verify the vin number, and tossed me a shortened link to do it at. I told them I don't click shortened urls.
    They told me they wanted the car and to please do it, and send back the report, then they would buy the car . I told them the vin# is in the ad and they can do it, they replied that since they weren't the legal owner of the car they didn't feel comfortable doing it.

    So I found a way to "xray" the link without clicking on it. It went to a site called my vin history .com. I thought what the heck and entered the vin. The site is obviously linked to a national vin database because it came back with the make and model, then wanted $12.99 to show me the report!


    Oh I get it! It's either their site, or they're commissioned or something. I spend 13 bucks, send them the report, and then they come up with a reason they don't want it.
    Sweet! Then they just go to the next ad and do the same thing.

    I sent them an email back congratulating them on a pretty good scam, but I wasn't falling for it.

    Not a word since. I am so surprised!


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