Scam or Sincere?

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Jan 11, 2007
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Hi all!
I got this email about buying eggs that *started* legitimate and went south.

-------------- Original message from HOST FAMILY <[email protected]>: --------------

Hello Seller,
i will like to know if you still have chicken/chicken eggs for sale and how much is the final asking prize and i will be paying you via CHECK OR CREDIT CARD and also if credit card what kind of credit card do you accept.I have a shipper that will be coming to your store to pick up the item for me so you do not need to worry about shipping just give me the costs after tax and without shipping

Till i hear from you again with the prizes
Larry Smith

From: [email protected] <[email protected]>
Subject: Re:
To: "HOST FAMILY" <[email protected]>
Date: Thursday, October 9, 2008, 9:32 AM

Hi Larry!
What kind of chickens/eggs are you interested in?
I don't accept personal checks or credit cards. Money Orders or PayPal or cash are fine.

-------------- Original message from HOST FAMILY <[email protected]>: --------------
it is not a personal check i am sending to u it a cashiers check and also what kind of eggs do u have and how much are they please note that i will be sending you an overdraft check that will cover the money for the shipping,so when you get the check go ahead and cash it and i will send you the name and address of my shipper where u will be wiring the money to via WESTERN UNION MONEY TRANSFER and also i wil be giving you an extra $50 for keeping this for view of this i need you to confirm the details below once again

full name
mailing address(no po box please)
contact number
final asking prize for the eggs

Till i hear from you again soon
Larry Smith

What do you think? Someone trying to run a scam?
I know what I think and how I responded




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May 24, 2007
Total scam... those people work so hard at ripping people off. What's so sad is that some people actually fall for it and lose money, especially older people.

It's always good to post those so others can see what new twist the scammers have come up with.


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Jun 26, 2008
Columbiaville, MI
i think what amazes me is that there are three members so far that have gotten this. that is pretty wide spread. someone needs to make a report.

i had a man do this when trying to purchase a horse from us...sending his own person to pick it up, writing a check for a grand over purchase price etc. you will see that in the other link i posted above.


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Aug 2, 2008
Dillsburg, Pa
SCAM!! There was an identical situation on craigslist this past summer involving cars only you were allowed to keep $100 for your trouble. Don't fall for it!!!!!

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