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Mar 25, 2018
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My Coop
Good morning!

We have 4 four week old silkies and suddenly they as loosing their minds every time we reach into the brooder..for any reason. They are clearly terrified of us. I've been working with them since we brought them home 11 days ago by sweet talking them & "snuggling" with them. They were loving it..usually taking naps on my chest while I watched tv. This changed seemed to have happened overnight.

Will they come around to not being fearful of us again? My heart breaks when they get so scared.

Any guidance is more than appreciated!


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Mine were like this too at that age in the brooder, when they had been very attached to us before. I moved them outside three weeks ago, and being able to sit with them outside (with treats in hand!) when they are not confined makes a big difference.
Cute chick! :love

Have you tried treats? Like greek yogurt. One of the easiest things to do is win them over with food.

I have my first flock. I’ve noticed some chicks warm up to me quicker than other ones. One amberlink loves hanging out while the other screams. Personality differences. And I don’t expect every chick to love me but hopefully trust me enough.
I felt this way a few weeks ago with our chicks too! They were fine the first two weeks, and then as they got older they scattered in the brooder every time we changed out their food or water. We offered treats, but it didn't seem to make a huge difference. They moved outside into the coop full time last week, and now they are much more relaxed. When I open the coop door, I can pet them, and they run out when we let them free range in the afternoons. Hopefully for you, it's something that gets better with time and treats!
I assume your brooder is set up where you have to reach in from above to handle them/change food and water? It's normal for them to be afraid of scary human hands reaching down at them. Once you have them in the coop (or in a brooder where you can't reach in from above) they'll be a little less fearful, though they might not truly settle down until they reach point of lay.

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