Scary happening with chicks

Discussion in 'Incubating & Hatching Eggs' started by brezlynsmom, Mar 12, 2013.

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    I have 3 incubators going at all times - so always having chicks hatching so this isn't my first go around. So anyways yesterday was the day to move out 18 chicks from incubator. I put them in a large tote for about a week or so then I can move outside to my brooder pen. I left the house for a few hours and when I came back I decided I better go downstairs and check on the chicks - luckily I did I found 14 of them soaked and laying out flat. So I grabbed the 4 that were dry and put in with another tote of chicks I have and went into action. Ran upstairs got the hair dryer - decided to start with the few chicks that were moving some and dried them with the blow dryer. Then I started picking up the ones that were pretty lifeless and drying them. (2 had died). I wanted them to warm up throughly so I put them back into the bater without any humidity - figured they get warm in there. So through out the night I checked on them and happy to report they all survived and doing great today. Not sure what happened with their water container that they got soaked but just glad only lost 2 out of the 18.
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    They really do chill down fast when they get wet. Good thing that your intuition kicked in.
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    Sorry to hear that. what kind of waterer were you using? the plastic quart plastic waterer?

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