Scattered Hearts Queen Handmade (by me) Original Quilt/N. GA.

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    $300 OR BEST OFFER! This handmade, completely original quilt was created on a home machine, Brother PQ1500s, not a programmed design, just randomly and organically, in a "ropy loop" design with some hearts quilted here and there for variety and to tie in the theme. Around the larger heart blocks, there is micro-bubble stippling type pattern to make the hearts pop and the biggest heart has a wavy "heartbeat" outline on the inside. The overall quilting is moderately dense, micro-bubble stippling is extremely dense.

    The quilt has all the nuances and quirks of any handmade quilt. This is not a commercial piece, but a future family heirloom, created by one woman, me, on her home machine, moving the fabric under the needle with her own two hands, using the needle as a pen to draw the design as she progressed across the surface of the quilt. This was not created on a computerized longarm machine.

    There are several small 5" hearts scattered randomly across the quilt along with two larger heart blocks, hence the name "Scattered Hearts". The colors are many shades of lavender/purple, coordinated with spring greens and blues. The backing fabric is a Waverly solid in "Crocus", which is double folded at the edges and turned to the front and whip-stitched by hand as the binding.

    Fabrics are all 100% first quality quilter's cotton. Batting is a good quality polyester. Thread used is a strong serger thread in "Wedgewood" for the quilting and a matching purple thread was used to stitch binding to the front.

    Size is approximately 71 x 91, and will fit up to a queen size mattress, but of course, will have more "fall" on a double mattress. Shown on regular queen mattress. The quilt has been pre-washed for you to give it that comfy, crinkly, soft feel that everyone wants in a quilt!

    NOTE: This quilt was created in and ships from a smoke-free home in Georgia. The purchase of this quilt supports the family of a disabled veteran, thank you! (Quilt is from our Blue Roo Creations shop, but is currently not listed there)

    The price is $300 OR BEST OFFER. Make me a reasonable offer. If accepted, add shipping cost of $20.
    Though this quilt was priced @ $350 in our BRC Etsy Shop, it is offered at reduced price already, OBO!

    Shipping will be $20 due to the weight of this quilt. Last time I shipped a similar size quilt to western California, it cost me just over $23. Payment by Postal Money Order only.
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    DSCN9116.JPG DSCN9111.JPG DSCN9115.JPG DSCN9117.JPG This queen quilt is still for sale. It will fit a double with extra drape, of course. Since the pics vanished above and I cannot edit, here they are, sigh!
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    This quilt is still available! I added back the pics to the reply above. Sorry about that. Did not realize they were gone.
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    Still available. Pictures don't do it justice, very pretty!
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    Would make a great, original gift for someone!
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    This cheerful quilt in pinks, lavenders and greens is still available. Would be perfect for a young girl up to teenager. Fits a double to queen size bed-shown on a queen.

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