SCD - Sudden Chicken Death

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    Sep 28, 2016
    Ok, New chicken momma here and need some advice. I went out to give my girls a snack this afternoon and as I always do, I count my girls to make sure everyone has a chance to get a treat and found one of my Barred Rocks had been sent to lay eggs in heaven. She was fine last night and this morning with no signs of anything wrong. What could it have been? AND Do I need to be concerned about my others?

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    Sorry about your hen. It's always a surprise when you find what seemed to be a perfectly fine hen - dead. If your other chickens are looking and acting ok I would not worry about them
    It is not unusual to find a hen like this. Unless you do a post mortem on her you won't know the cause. Having said that you still might not. Hens are great at hiding the fact they are ill, so you will find them toes up. I have had sudden deaths anywhere from a few weeks to a few years in chickens.[​IMG]
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    When I first started with BYC, I often read of the term "flip." It was said that SCD was called "Flip." they would find their chicken on it's back - dead. Some figured it was heart attack. It happened clear out of the blue and no others in the flock were affected.

    In the several years I have been a BYCER I don't seem to hear anyone speak of it.

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