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Sep 17, 2007

I hope that all memebers are fine. There is probelm of power outage in my country , power remains off for 1 hour, four times a day. In morning, in evening , and two times in night with a gap of 1.5 hours at night. other gaps aare big enough. so what should i do, should i incubate eggs in this condition or not.
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Personally I wouldn't unless I had a backup power supply like that used for a computer. It would hold enough charge to carry you through the outages.
Curious what country has this power (or lack of power!) situation?
Hope it improves soon.......
Too risky for the little ones...
What country are you in? This is a common thing in many parts of the world.
Some Island nations only have power for a few hours each day.

I would still try and incubate. If you insulate your incubator it should work ok.
You will have a reduced hatch but some eggs should make it.

1-Put a blanket over the bator for insulation

2-Put as many rocks as you can fit in the bator. These will hold the heat
and release it slowly when the power is off.

3-If you have access to a computer store or office supply store you can buy
a battery backup. Most bators only use 40 watts so a battery backup may
work. There are ways to extend it by turning it on and off but that means
you will have to be there every time the power goes out. Xantrex makes
a few longer lasting battery systems. Search Xantrex on

Depending on your brand of incubator the poor power quality may mess up
the thermostat. You will have to watch it close. I would not let brief failures
stop me from hatching eggs.
Ive a similiar problem here in the deep woods, i called in on it for years and finally demanded a full investigation.
I was told that birds on the line short out the system and cause the short interruption of service. I have to learn to live with it. thankfully it has never been long enough to cause trouble with the incubator.
of course.. on the 6th of february that booger tornado hit down here.. 1 mile from my house and destroyed 17 houses. we were without electricity for 2 days. and then a day while they redid the repair better.
spring is such a wonderful tim eof year but brings with it trouble. got so lately that tornados are hitting here more than spring time tho.
being with out power reminds me of my youth, I signed up for the 4-h club chickens one year.. they would give us ( a selected few) 100 baby chicks and we were to raise them and exhibit them in the fair that fall.
we did not have electricity at that time. so my uncle made for me a brooder. He made a box about 5'x5" and 18 inches high. He used metal roofing for the floor and covered it with creek gravel. It had legs about four feet long. It had a top made from light weight ply board and a hole cut out that was covered with a removeable door so we could look in and see the babies.
under that table/box He placed a kerosene lamp. the chimney was about two inches from the bottom of the box. the heat from the lamp heated the gravel and kept the chicks very warm. I dont think we lost any.
he was the one who had to get up every 4 hours and refill the lamp. actually he had two. the distance of the chimney from the metal bottom regulated the heat.
too close and the chicks would burn up.. down an inch or so or more and it cooled off.
ive thought of that several times while on this post and never heard it mentioned. in the old days we managed quite well.
Oh My hens took first prize at the county fair and went on to the state fair and won there.. the prize 10 bucks.. i spent it at the state fair. thanks judy

I wrote in my Ist message that there is problem of power outage in my country, but still i put 6 chicken eggs in my home made incubator and 5 out of 6 eggs hatched. They hatched on 22nd day and they are normal and healthy. Below are the photos


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