Schleich Horses videos in real environment


Jun 12, 2018
Sorry, couldn't watch the one after the first one.

You captured my child-feelings sooo good that it hurts.
I allways wanted sleich figures, because they are the most realistic figurines. Never got any. But boy, allthough disliking horses, I dreamt about these horses. Espacially that shire stallion. And you worked it out as in my childhood-dream; scottisch higlands, forest, beach, he allways looks magnificent. I stopped seeing that horse I would call as a child a "pinto" (ALL AMERICAN races where the same back then. You had american like in cool cowboy movies, scottisch, scandanavian and arabic, sorry for my child-mind back then) in the tall dry grass.

Wonderfull! You can really visualise a childhooddream!

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