School hatch-I'm a grandma!

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    I started off this year as a substitute teacher. One day while I talking to the preschool teacher about chickens she asked if I had a rooster. Long story short she asked if I'd bring her some eggs to incubate in the school 'bator. I didn't want chicks right now myself but she says she has someone who will take them. I just got the email that this morning she came in to 4 chicks! This is the first time any eggs from my own chickens have been incubated. I'm so excited to see pictures. I started a new job this week and can't get to the school to see them in person. [​IMG]

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    yeay!!! I'm still trying to figure how to sneak a hatch in.
  3. Henrietta23

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    Hope you do! I did one last year with Perfectly Polish's eggs. I didn't have any hens laying and my roo was a baby still. We got 3 of 8 to hatch. My student had a blast and got share the experience with the younger classes. I wasn't sure these eggs would hatch. I didn't get the impression the teacher was monitoring the temp. and humidity all that closely but she ended up hatching more than I did. I'm curious to hear which eggs hatched. I've got a couple of different breeds of brown layers, but I gave her green eggs and a white one. Dad was my silkie roo. Who knows what they are!

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    [​IMG] [​IMG] to being a grandma..... CONGRATS !!!!

    Its so awesome that kids can see chicks hatching in schools, we never did that stuff when I went !!
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    my 8th grade science class incubated eggs, but the teacher was a die hard hatching addict. she had about 15 bators full, each student had two or three eggs they had to turn every day, and she stayed at school until the evening to turn them after we went home. she had us disinfecting our hand before being allowed to even think of touching those eggs.

    but most of the eggs hatched, so it was fun.

    ps is the disinfecting necessary before touching the eggs? I've been washing thoroughly before touching them, but is that necessary, really?
  6. Henrietta23

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    Oct 20, 2007
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    When I hatched I washed my hands carefully and touched the eggs as little as possible.

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