school hatch, what breeds?

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  1. I know there are at least four banty chicks, the black chicks and the chipmunk chicks. A local teacher incubated and hatched these out in her classroom. Her plans are to eat these...

    I am wondering if I should call her DH and offer a deal that can't be beat to SAVE the CHICKS!? I am willing to offer meat chicks (Cornishx) at the end of the month or first of June- what do you think???

    I'd like to know the breeds, first, as I've got my "PLAN" which is listed as my siggie and needs updating to include the Banty Blue Lace Wyandottes I'm to receive the end of the May.

    Would you try saving them as a mixed flock (w/banties separated from standards) or just leave well enough alone? I LOVE my BO chicks... How in the world can people (and I used to be one of those) think: "A chick/chicken is just a chick/chicken"??!?!
    edited to include: Please disregard the date of pic, its showing as 2007 cuz I haven't taken time to learn my new camera to change the date;(
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    I don't know what they are but it's worth a shot to save them.
  3. I'm thinking the black ones are Americauna's or Austrolorps? I'm calling her DH right now to talk about it..
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    Quote:You could be right. My one austrolorp looks a lot like that.
  5. I'm leaning toward the Easter eggers for some of them since she said there were 3-4 green eggs. Her DH said he'd be willing to trade and he'll talk w/her about it tonight:) Even if I didn't take them myself, the friends who gave me the geese have a huge coop, lots if nesting boxes and a large fenced in area near a river who would take most or all. They've got both banties and a very nice roo named Fred along w/only two hens (standards). I could see them anytime I'd like. My head is swimming w/how to set up pens/runs and coops and the geese are outside enjoying the windy sunshine with the (many large) flocks of wild geese flying overhead, heading North:) I'd really like them myself but so far will have four separate purebred flocks plus the meat chicks and also my geese so cannot help but want to share these if I can save them with my friends.
  6. Now my school chicks are home as of this morning, I can see two are Red Broilers and each of them has a leg going out on them. Is there anything I can do besides put the out of their misery?

    My 10 (more) Gold Lace Wyandotte chicks that were supposed to be here yesterday or at the worst case scenerio, this morning, are "somewhere" along w/10 cornishX chicks, most likely another box of dead chicks by the time they get here. If so, I won't order such young chicks anymore!:mad:

    The school chicks were raised on a burlap bag and no feed restriction, in a cardboard box so not much exercise, either. I'll PTS asap if there is nothing that can be done to get their leg back. Its the right leg on one, the left leg on the other and the chick w/the left leg is not as bad as the other chick.

    Another thing was the heat lamp was still on them and they are hot lil things so I am not providing a heat lamp, just a small light so they won't pile at night.

    I've got 5 Bantam Cochin's, 4 "red" and 6 "black" chicks - at least some are Easter Eggers and I'm not sure yet what the others are.
    The chick in the forefront laying down is the worse one, from the knee down doesn't work.
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