science fair project ideas?


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Aug 25, 2008
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Saw somewhere today that you can sit a McDonalds hamburger on the counter for YEARS and it won't mold, just gets harder. It really looks the same as a fresh one. It was pretty gross. I was thinking that might be my son's next project.. and hopefully with turn him from eating fast food in his life.
I started thinking about it, and you know when you find McDonald's fries under your seat from the kids --- they still look the same no matter how long they have been hiding there. Its just weird.


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Jul 14, 2010

I want to show the difference between homemade incubators and store bought. Would this work?

If you wanted to compare incubators, it would be better to do a comparison of two specific models, or of two different homemade incubators that are made in slightly different ways. Perhaps use all identical components, but styrofoam for one and glass for the other, or a wood box, or something else.

Or, you could do a project comparing the incubation success rates of Farmers Market Eggs and Refrigerated Store bought eggs (there is a Trader Joes thread where people have talked about this for a long time). For this, you should have two identical incubators and operate them in an identical manner. You'd be able to draw conclusions from your test based on how many eggs hatched and the health of the chicks. You might also be able to make comments on the number of days they take to hatch, how long they take from pip to zip to hatch, etc. You'd need to recognize that differences could also be due to the different breeds of the parents and how the eggs were handled before they get to you.

Another option would be to get fresh, fertile eggs from someone. Refrigerate one half of the eggs. Leave the other at room temperature. After 3-4 days (or some other set amount of time) let the refrigerated eggs come to room temp then continue with the incubation.

However, only do a project that hatches chicks IF you have parental permission and a place to keep all the babies and plan to care for them OR have a home set up for them in advance where you are POSITIVE the person taking them will not back out.​


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May 6, 2010
why not do a sience project on to turn or not to turn and hatch rates?

it would be a great project to make 3 identical homemade then make 3 different turners possibly

a upright tilter
a manual turner x and o or a roller (i used wood poles and elastic bands each 2 poles turns a row of eggs etc)
and a no turn at all continual lockdown

i would be interested in the hatch rates of each design.

you could even encorporate those all into one large design my homemade has a roller to turn the x and o and a tilter tray and i have popped in a spare corner a few i couldnt fit so i can just see if they hatch and they are developing fine.


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Aug 1, 2010
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these all sound like great ideas.. but my limit would have to be 100$ i found a store bought one for 50 on MPC... Are refrigerated eggs fertilized? The ones you buy from the super market?!!


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Check the science fair rules before you get too far involved. Some don't allow "live animal" projects, and hatching eggs might fall under that category.


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Apr 5, 2010
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Don't know the age of your child but if younger even a taste test where the student gathers data and then makes charts could be used. Store bought vs. homegrown. I always enjoyed the kids coming up with ideas for projects.

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