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  1. slalom racer

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    Feb 26, 2007
    Im am doing my science fair project on chickens or more specicly can chickens learn or demonstrate critical thinking. I am thinking of using a maze and and obstacle course (ladders balacne beams etc) if a chickesn maze time improves hes learning to navigate the maze. If he completes a obstacle course stunt one try or trys nes ways hes demonstrating critical thinking. and tips or suggestions would be greatly appeciated
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    Chicken bingo is always good. Reward the bird when he gets a bingo or a tictactoe and he'll learn. LOL
    Seriously, they learn quite well. One of my birds would stand at the door when she knew it was time for my DS to come home from school. One day he was late and she paced and looked and paced and looked until he came in the door. My other hen knows the word"porch" and will go on the porch when I tell her to.
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    Chicken bingo!

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