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    Oct 21, 2009
    On several fronts! Today DH and I were driving around and scored three HUGE 48 x 48 boxes!! Look behind Office Depot! Who would have thunk it? [​IMG]

    I was toying with the idea of taping several smaller boxes together, but he wouldn’t give up. (Oh by the way… DH in this case is Darling Hunk… he is not my husband… but DB stands for "dead body", so I am improvising!)

    After we carted those monsters home, and got one set up for the 26 babes, (who by the way are not little and fuzzy any more!) I went on a worm hunt. Again DH was right in there in firm control of the shovel while I dug through the clods. I kept thinking to myself that a woman with bright red acrylic nails has no business hunting worms, but what the hey? I have to educate the girls! I can’t do that if I am being one!

    Then it was time do introduce worm meat to the menu! This was by far the most entertaining chicken fight I have ever seen! After the first few, several of the girls were actually jumping up to grab the worm from my fingers as I was lowering it in! I bet they are the most athletic clhickies in the world!

    I tried getting it on camera, but I am being technologically challenged this weekend…
    So anyway, the girls scored on a new bedroom… and I am planning on turning it into a duplex when they outgrow this one… and they got to try the rare delicacy of worms in dirt… mmmm yum!
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    You guys must be enjoying nicer weather than us if you're able to dig up worms at this time of year!!! [​IMG] Yeah...I remember the fun days of worm flag football. Now my girls turn up their beaks at them!?! Yay for the big boxes and more room for the babies...they do grow fast, don't they? Your fella must either really like chickens or you A LOT to go to such efforts. I would keep him around for a while... [​IMG]
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    Sep 9, 2009
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    Sounds like a fun day! Don't forget to get them some grit so they can process their treats.

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