Score!!! Super cheap bulk feed!

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  1. I went down to this place today to buy pasture spray and noticed they sell BULK layer feed--by the ton. One ton is $360.00 and it's their laying mix. The lady was very nice and showed me what it looks like & even gave me a little "sample" to bring home to my birds!

    As it turns out...I'm currently feeding 100lbs every two weeks--so 200lbs per month. I pay $13.95 PER 50# bag PLUS whatever tax is. So I'm spending $55.80 + tax every month just on layer feed. So in one year, that's $669.60 (not including tax!)
    This bulk feed is .18 per pound. I can buy 200lbs for $36.00 and this stuff looks MUCH healthier, and has a lot of different things in it and they mix it themselves. You do have to buy a minimum of 200lbs at a time to get the .18 per pound rate--but that's no problem for me...I'm just tickled that I found such a good price on feed--FINALLY and it will save me $$ in the long run!
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    Lucky you. Congrats![​IMG]
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    Any way to save big $$ on feed is always a plus since it is the biggest expenditure when keeping chickens.

  5. I know! I'm so happy!
  6. Now, if I can just get my husband to build me a few more coops, I'd be set! LOL
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    I covet your find
  8. I found this place by accident--and now I'm kicking myself that I didn't find it sooner! You should look around and maybe you'll find a similar place?
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    I go through 2500lbs of chicken food a month, I'm so glad I have a feed mill near me too.
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    Thanks for the pounds-per-month figures - but how many chickens do you have? (all of you who posted your quantities) I am trying to figure out feed now, before I get my first batch of layers. Thanks.

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