Scottsville NY - New Law passed tonight to allow Domesticated Hens

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    For over a year now there's been an ongoing battle to have chickens. The current law forbid them based on the law being written that a coop or any structure that housed fowl (or farm animals) be no closer than 100 feet from a property line. This made it impossible on almost every lot in the village to have a coop... making chickens impossible to keep.

    I've been keeping my 3 hens for the last year and half in a tractor coop which is really too small for them... they wintered over in my garage last year. Another person that helped start this battle had since moved out of the Village to have acreage and not deal with some things that were going on.

    The zoning board and village board went back and forth for some time trying to work on something but eventually it just came down to the boards trying to pass a 'no farm animal law'. No ifs ands or buts... chickens would be impossible to keep. Luckily we had people showing up and got that law turned down. So they proposed a new law... 'no farm animals with the exception of Domestic hens'. And tonight... we won.
    To top it off.... my hens were given grandfather status. Yes, everyone pretty much knew my girls were here and living illegally under the old law of no shelter closer than 100 feet - but with no complaints!

    There are restrictions: ie: limit to 3 hens, no roosters, coop must be at least 12 feet form property lines and any new hen owners must apply for a Special Permit Use. $100 one time Fee to review coop plans, placement, and property (must be 1/2 acre or more but will allow on a individual basis if just under that and neighbors don't have any problem with it).

    This is a victory for those of us in Scottsville and very happy to have it over!
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    Congrats! [​IMG] [​IMG]

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