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    Can you tell me a bit of them?? MY Family use to raise them. but Its been a few years And just added info, since I might get them again
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    Quote:Well I might be a bit partial since thats a the only breed i have but they are wonderful ducks. They come in so many colors that you can have a variety of colors that you can't get in other breeds. I understand the meat is very good, but I haven't tried that yet even though i have had this breed for going on 9 years now. They are quiet ducks but can fly so if you want to keep them grounded and at home wing clipping is in order. They are wonderful brooders and make great mothers. The drakes are laid back and usually don't fight unless kept in close quaters with other drakes and ducks then fighting can get nasty. My girls lay from March till October with breaks in between but they are good layers of large eggs. Hmm, I can't say anything negative about them at all.
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    Nov 22, 2011
    On a little Farm.
    They're the World's best meat bird (in my not very humble opinion)

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