Scrappy is going to be a Mama soon.

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  1. Scrappy is my 3 year old angora calico cat. She is the sweetest, best kitty ever. She does feline agility and knows a bunch of tricks.
    Scrappy is due to give birth on October 29th (my anniversary) and the vet saw at least 4 kittens in the scan.
    I have been taking her temp. twice a day at the same time looking for the temp dip that usually happens before birth. Today her temp has been in the 99 range all day long, she hasn't been eating much and she's been in her kittening box sleeping and snoring away all day long.
    I don't think it will be long now!
    We are keeping all of the kittens as farm cats because we have mice getting into the barns/grain and both Scrappy and the sire of the litter are amazing mousers.
    Though I have to admit that I'm really hoping she has a solid orange longhaired male... I've always wanted a longhaired orange cat and I'll name him pumpkin which will fit with the time frame and all [​IMG]
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    That's exciting! I hope everything goes well and you get your pumpkin out of the batch!
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    I will be tuned waiting for pics!! [​IMG] Usually a calico, tortoise shell or patched tabby has at least one red in the litter!! A red girl is not common so your chances for a boy are pretty good!!!
  4. Bec

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    Any signs yet?? [​IMG]

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