Scrappy Stars Are Out Tonight HANDMADE Bed Runner AUCTION!

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    Place bids on thread, NOT by PM, please!
    Starts NOW, Ends 5 p.m. EST TUESDAY JUNE 6
    Bidding starts at only $25 !!

    ***Add shipping cost of $10 to the winning bid, please***
    Please read details about the piece before bidding!
    I am auctioning this handmade quilted bed runner, machine pieced and quilted by me because I will not sell it on Etsy, not being 100% satisfied with the result. The reason is this: during the process, I had some thread tension issues that I did not catch before it was far into the problem (not noticeable on the front and you wouldn't know it on the back unless you knew where to look) Nothing is really wrong with it, but I'm a perfectionist of sorts. Someone here could get a handmade piece for a fraction of the usual cost.

    Bed runners of this size would normally sell from Blue Roo Creations for $125-150. Bidding starts at a mere $25.

    "The Scrappy Stars Are Out Tonight"
    LARGE Quilted Bed Runner

    Size approximately 35" wide x 80" long. Shown in queen size bed.

    Colors are varying shades of red, black, beige, tan and green.

    100% quality cottons on the front. The backing fabric is a thick fabric, but I'm not sure of the content, seems more cotton than anything.

    There are nuances and quirks like any handmade quilted piece.

    The bed runner has already been washed to give it the "crinkly-quilty" feel/look.

    Payment by postal money order, quilt sent when payment received, thank you.

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    Auction Closed.

    Make offer on the Runner.
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