Screaming Their Heads Off This Morning?

Discussion in 'Chicken Behaviors and Egglaying' started by 3KillerBs, Mar 8, 2014.

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    6:30am, just a few minutes before official sunrise on a clear morning. Lying in bed with my DH and suddenly hear the chickens yelling their heads off.

    It wasn't crowing. Marion isn't an especially loud crower and he doesn't do non-stop noise. And it wasn't the appearance of a dawn egg either. Nothing at all like the egg song.

    It was a sharp, loud squawk -- like a chicken shout.

    I went to the window and couldn't see any intruding animals that might be threatening them. I tossed on some clothing and went out to see if something had gotten into the coop.

    What I found was one hen up early and out in the run while Marion and the girls remained inside. There was no evidence that any predator had been anywhere nearby.

    The hen in the run was making a noise between the egg song and a crow -- several loud and urgent syllables. Marion was the one making the sharp, shouting noise from inside. The other hens were making soft, incidental noises.

    The hen in the run was in the same alert pose that I've seen when I've heard hawks (their run is fully enclosed and under trees), but I didn't hear or see any hawks. There wasn't so much as a squirrel in the yard. Marion stopped shouting and started crowing when he heard me talking to them as I approached the coop.

    Was the hen in the run annoyed that no one else had gotten up and come out yet while Marion was upset that one of his hens had left the roost? Did Marion stop shouting because he trusted me, as the dominant rooster, to take care of the disobedient hen?

    Any thoughts?
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    Sometimes they just yell...not always an accounting for chicken yelling.
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    They are not called chicken for nothing. Sometimes danger can just be a unusal happening in the yard--a twig falling, alot of nothing, or just because.

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