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  1. I have three barred rocks that are screechers- the one that was supposed to be a dominiquer is the loudest. They are 21, 20 and 19 weeks. The one I have in the house right now (for plucking and pecking) is 20 weeks. Nobody is laying. I have 6 EEs and 3 BOs as well. My flock mistress is a BO. These three have serious food aggression issues and everyone else (besides my BO) is afraid of them.

    For about the last week, this one has been extremely loud. She will do some rare and very quiet cute soft cluck cluck clucks, and she looks like she's practicing squatting. I am pretty sure she is not a boy, but man is she LOUD! (someone please tell me she will stop being this loud once she has actually laid something! [​IMG]) The rest of the time she is screeching. As in, you can hear her clearly in the house much of the day. This is screechy clucking, for the lack of a better term.

    Has anyone noticed certain behaviors are more prevalent with certain breeds? Is she trying to tell me something else and I'm just not getting it?

    Tikki with the screechy [​IMG]
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    If they're making the sound I think they're making, I have not noticed that it is specific to one breed. I had a BO who did this loudly until her egg was laid for the day but she was the only one in my original flock. Since then I've added Spring chicks a couple of times and now have 3-4 who do it, but each is a different breed. I haven't found a cure. I've tried going out and throwing scratch and it works to keep them quiet for a few minutes but as soon as the distraction has been consumed, they are right back at it. Isn't it a good thing chooks are only awake making noise during the day when most people are away at work anyway?
  3. Quote:Ya, no kidding, lol. Our efforts to shush her haven't worked yet. [​IMG] Ever had your power steering pump go dry? Ya, sounds like that and is ear piercing. [​IMG]
  4. Also have a friend whose singl BR is doing this too- was thinking it might be a roo trying to crow now that her one roo is gone. LOL. I hope this will change once they start laying, lol.
  5. And, fwiw, she laid an egg today- our first one! Interestingly, she quieted right down and hasn't been screeching since. We'll see what tomorrow brings..... [​IMG]

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