Scwarking chicken!


11 Years
Oct 17, 2008
Perhaps a silly question but any ideas on quietening a noisy chicken. We have had various chickens for the last 5 years & currently have 5 of different breeds - all except for our Rhode Island Red have been pretty quiet(ignoring the usual post egg laying trumpeting!).

But the Rhody is(& always has been-now c.6m) a real problem - whenever she hears/senses anyone near the run she starts up scwarking about - it drives you mad! - she is literally driving the family out of the garden as she makes it unpleasant to be there - defeating part of the object of having them. I love the other chicks but I am really getting to the end of my tether with this one - any ideas please? - to save my sanity/keep her out of the pot!


11 Years
Sep 8, 2008
Lebanon, Ohio
No helpful ideas, just empathy! We have one RIR hen in our mixed flock of nineteen birds and she is incredibly noisy compared to the others. She follows us around "complaining" at us all of the time. We are on a farm and the chickens have a huge living area away from the main house, so it is not too bad. If she was closer to the house she would surely drive me mad! If we were in a urban area she would drive our neighbors crazy as well, I am sure.


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11 Years
Jul 2, 2008
Yup...I have the same thing with my girls...One "Big Mama" is the girl that makes the most noise out of the six..thank god its not all the time...But when she starts it lasts for hours...So I tryed a loud stern voice to "quite down" and it worked...EVERY TIME so far....


11 Years
Jul 9, 2008
Be honest about the fact she's noisy, and give her away. Someone that has more room , and less close involvement with their flock will like the xtra eggs, and you will have peace again.

I think when we put a lot of work into our chickens and enjoy them we are blindsided when a situation developes we can't just work out. Some things just happen. A truly noisy hen (as opposed to say cold loud chicks- where you can turn up the heat and solve the problem) well some situations just won't be fixed except by removal of the problem bird.

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