SE PA Well behaved roosters and cockerels!! Great flock watchers!

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    Well behaved roosters and cockerels!! Mellow breeds Great at watching for predators! Fine with chicks, hens and children.

    2 Polish D'Uccle crosses. 1 frizzle(doesnt crow, hes bantam and low man on totem pole, will crow at new home I expect)

    1 EE. Pure AmeraucanaxBrown Leghorn

    2 EEs. Pure Ameraucana just crossed colors, look like buffs.
    2 EEs. Pure Ameraucana crossed 1/4 Polish

    1 Black Cochin cross Buff Ameraucana. This guy is big and Gorgeous. Green, purple iridescence, with bright red saddle feathers coming in, feathered legs.

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