SeaBreeze Hens?


Mar 11, 2018
Has anyone ever used SeaBreeze Hens near Houston? My original flock came from Murray McMurray, but I went in with someone else so we’d have enough chicks to ship. I can’t find anyone to do that this time so I was looking for breeders nearby. I just want 4 chicks of different breeds. Have any of you gotten chicks from them?
We purchased 8 pullets all 2 week olds from there. They are each different breeds and are all thriving. The owner was knowledgeable and helpful. I know little about certifications and showing breeds, etc. but for our backyard stock we were pleased. There were good reviews online and Melinda was very knowledgeable and her place was clean. I didnt want to ship chicks and have them endure the stress of a shipping box when we could go pick out the breeds we wanted and drive them home. It was a good experience for us. It’s right on the beach, it would be a good day trip to go check the facilities out and speak with her. The website has available breeds and upcoming rare breed schedule listed.

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