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rolling plains

7 Years
Nov 9, 2012
Hi does anyone have info. on quality RIR breeders whose hens are prolific egg layers? ( that are not hybrids) Thanks
Greetings from Kansas, rolling plains, and
! Glad you joined us! You might consider posting over on the Chicken Breeders thread - I think you will find some RIR breeders there. best of luck to you!!
We live in the northeast corner of Montana, Our chicken house is heated and has a lamp on a timer. We have black austrolorpe hens (20) and 2 roosters, they are approx. 1 1/2 years old and no longer lay eggs. Am I correct in thinking that the RIR's would be better for this climate? If not what would you suggest, we're looking for eggs and also enjoy hatching our own chicks. A dual purpose breed is better suited for us since we process our own meat. Thanks
There are Rose Comb RIR. There are Dominiques and Chanteclers. There are also Buckeyes. You could not go wrong with any of those.

I won't get into the whole heating thing, but we do not heat and we're growing season zone 4 and -20 is virtually assured for Jan/Feb lows.
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