Searching for a GF artisan bread recipe

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  1. I am so hungry for an artisan style bread, and being gluten free, this is a challenge. Any of you have any recipes you want to share? I could also use some technique pointers as well.

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    Unfortunately this is so hard to replicate in GF bread. There are several recipes online and I have had to adjust what works for me because we are at high altitude but here are a few I have tried. Sorghum is my favorite substitute flour it has a wheaty taste to me. A good rule of thumb is to try the original recipe before making changes and throw away any knowledge of making wheat bread there is no comparison.

    They are by Glutenfreegirl. and from other blogs.

    Hope that helps!
  3. Thanks for the recipes. I will give them a try. I did check out the chef and the gluten free girl cookbook from the library. There is one bread recipe. I will post my results. I wish I could eat spelt..[​IMG]

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