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    I have a good friend with a decent sized mixed flock, and every spring she looses a few of hens to something viral we think. No wounds or anything, they just go down hill. Being a vet assistant I show up to visit and take a look. I can do merely the basics an yes I know the "Get the bird to a vet" routine but she lives in a place with only on vet that can do birds and she does not have the $120 to take the hen there. So here is what I know...

    Low tempiture than others
    possible heavy breathing
    food in crop
    hobbles or limps when walks
    no sign on blood loss or enjury
    no sign of broken bones
    younger than a year
    rhode island red cross.

    but every spring she has silkies and others die up to 3 of them at a time. Any ideas of what it might be and what she can do till she can get the money.

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    Apr 13, 2012
    I would isolate the affected bird(s) in an old dog or cat carrier. For the food in crop, give the chicken some warm water and stroke its neck. You could also place it in a warm bath if it allows you to. If not, put a mini heater in the cage so she is warm, but make sure its not too warm.
    Also feed some yogurt, maybe mix with some seed and feed in small portions. The yogurt has a lot of antioxidants and good bacteria that will improve its immune system.
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    If it's available in your area, I would encourage your friend to have a full necropsy done if she loses another bird. I don't know exactly why, but Silkies can be susceptible to Marek's disease. From what you're describing, it's a possibility that Marek's is what she's dealing with.

    Good luck to your friend.

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