Seasonal aggression?

Discussion in 'Geese' started by cutechick2010, Dec 10, 2012.

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    I have a young pair of Dewlap African geese, they were hatched I believe in January or February of this year. They have always been sweet tempered, but suddenly the gander is attacking my dogs and even going after my kids! He started to get "snotty" with me a little, but I just stood my ground and held my 'wings" out to look like a bigger gander and he backed down. This behavior seemed to start at the same time we had a spell of warmer weather, could he be acting this way because we are getting near breeding season? If so, will he stop being aggressive once breeding season is over, or will this become a habit? I would really really hate to have to pen them up, but I simply can't have them running loose if the gander is attacking my children. I had a sizeable flock of geese when I was a kid that always free ranged, and I remember them getting cranky this time of year but I never had one that would actually go for me.
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    yes they will be protective going into and during breeding season and will be better as they come out of breeding season, through summer. Mark your calender and try and remember when this started for you in your area. It will be best to provide them a place away from the kids so there is no direct contact during this time of the year. It is always best to error on the side of caution where the kids safety is concerned. The use of a shepards hook (or PVC pole) to help be bigger is a helpful tool. Remember to not strike the gander but dont be afraid to be the bull goose so to speak and make yourself flock leader. This includes NO feeding from your hand.
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    I did do some occasional hand feeding when they were young, but I know I did that with the geese I had as a kid as well without this problem. I have an empty pen with a lean-to type shelter already set up, guess I will move them in there tonight. I very much hope they will settle once this season is passed, I would be very sad if I had to keep them penned permanently. But I can't let them terrorize my kids. *sigh*

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