seasonal coop cleaning ???

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    Just wondering if anyone does a seasonal coop cleaning since this is my first fall with our chickens and if so what do you do [​IMG] (other than replacing the pine shavings) now that the weather is becoming much cooler. Also, how often should I change the hay in their nesting boxes [​IMG] They've been laying for about 2 weeks. Thanks [​IMG]
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    My intent was to clean out the coop each season, but experience has shown me that I really only need to do a full cleaning 2x a year...I'll do one this Fall (do a good wipedown and toss bedding that's been in there since early spring), and once again in early spring. The bedding lasts so much longer over the warmer seasons, as the birds are rarely in there. But they spend a LOT of time indoors over the winter months, so even if you spot clean (which I do) and use a dropping board (which I do as well), the bedding still seems nasty by Feb./March. I use shavings in my nesting boxes, so I toss it when I do the rest, although I do add DE to it every 2 months or so and mix in.
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    Thanks for letting me know [​IMG]

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