seasonal laying???

I was under the impression that ducks would lay year-round unless molting, but they have to have light 16 hours a day for the best performance, so shorter days could hold back egg production. Also I didn't think Pekins were big layers-thought they were more meat birds? But that's just what i think I remember reading.
Light does have an affect on how many eggs ducks lay, but the feed does too. If only corn or cracked grains are fed, the egg production is cut in about half. They need to be fed something that has about 16% protein. Hope this helps.
I find most ducks are seasonal , some that lay around the year are camblles (SP) runners , Harliquin (SP) My silver appleyards and saxonys are just begging to lay.
Pekins usually stop laying in winter and start up again around Febuary I have a friend who has two and they are great layers. She has one that lay's two eggs a day . I have two dozen in my bator right now and some of the pekin and runner mix's so we will see how they turn out . She has pekin eggs every day.
I guess that could explain why I thought that- Campbells and Runners are the kind I've looked at most

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