Seasons Greetings from North Texas Y'all


Aug 8, 2019
caught in 'Denton vortex', Tx
My Coop
My Coop
So here ya go, my 2nd attempt at an intro....

I'm not new to BBS-ing or forums. So here is my cut-n-paste intro a wee bit late...
(1) Are you new to chickens / when did you first get chickens?
Yes I am "new" per say. We'd talked about having chickens for about 4-5years now and this past April finally started...

(2) How many chickens do you have right now? Well, we started with 10-12 from both TSC & our local Feed Mill; then a few weeks later added some more. Then as I was finishing up the Coop we added 3 Silkies w/a mini coop-run for them off Craigslist that brings us to about 26 (+/-1? As the Wry neck thread I started a couple hours ago)

(3) What breeds do you have?
Okay so, we have several Americanas (Brahma?) W/2 Roo's; Big Grays (hen & Roo); 5/4(?) Silkies ones a Roo & the hen w/wry neck issues; a couple feather feet hens & a Roo; 2 Polish that both turned out to be Roo's

(4) What are your favorite aspects of raising backyard chickens? It's fascinating to just watch them interact with each-other or with us. The personalities are varied, just like the rest of the world.

(5) What are some of your other hobbies?
Gestalt. (Smirks) pretty much if it has wheels, then --- unicycling; vehicles; rollerblades/ice skating; tinker/inventing; computers (not really so much 'gaming'); technology; haikus (and other poetry as well); I miss water activities like ski, scuba, snorkeling; I also miss downhill as well as X-country skiing; I'm definitely a sci-fi fan; astronomy as well as the astrology(they are both fun); cooking (currently tweaking a kombucha method); I'm a gearheaded geek okay?

(6) Tell us about your family, your other pets, your occupation, or anything else you'd like to share. Lots of kids, dogs, & now..... Chickens. After my VA knee surgery been a 'stay at home Dad's but, I have never been a couch-potatoe or barkelounger type and I don't watch much TV anymore....

(7) Bonus: How did you find BYC, how long have you known about BYC, and what made you finally join our awesome community?
My Better-half found the forum as well as the FB-land groups and so I would join up after her - in time.
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