Seattle incubator?


May 9, 2015
I've now had 3 failed attempts to hatch a set of eggs. Last one resulted in 3 almost making it to the end but were dead in the shell. I'd like to invest in a better incubator than my homemade one but I am having trouble finding a local shop that sells them. We are in Redmond and headed towards Spokane in a few days. Does anyone know a good place to pick up an incubator? Thanks so much

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People even have a lot of bad hatches with incubators, some are not reliable under the best of conditions

Maybe you should consider natural incubators, some breeds of hen like Buff orps, cochins and silkies tend to go "broody" often. Silkies are usually top of that list. When they are broody they will hatch whatever eggs are under them and raise them as their own. No adjustments or turners, or thermometers or hygrometers needed. It's your call.


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