[Seattle, WA area] Young Laying Easter Egger


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Oct 2, 2019
Seattle, WA
Selling a young (just under 1 year old) Easter Egger for $20, laying regularly (light blue eggs, about 4 times a week). She's usually done laying by noon-1pm.

I have to remove her from my small flock because she's unfortunately something of a bully - she pecks my 2 younger pullets more than she needs to and they run from her squawking in terror. She's also louder than all my other chickens - she does the "egg song" (bakAW) about once a day or every other day (my other hens do not do this). I have neighbors that are fairly nearby and I really would prefer not to have loud hens.

This hen would do well in a larger flock (with more confident chickens willing to put her in her place), in a run where you have a good distance from your neighbors, or your neighbors don't mind her egg song.

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