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Apr 20, 2016
I think I may need to find a new Sebbie male gosling. I bought 3 from a guy, straight run. They turned outt o be 2 females and 1 male. They are only 2 wweks old righr now. They will be white with color line. The breeeder said he's pretty sure its safe to breed them bc he has onve 20 females laying eggs. I know the breed has had trouble with life expectancies largely in part by inbreeding. So I'm thinking I should probably try to find another male. What do you more experience Sebbie breeders think? If you thinkI should get another male, do you have any ideas as to where I can purchase a single male? Pictured is the male posing for the camera. There is a Pilgrim gosling in the lead. LOL



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Apr 12, 2013
Boulder, Colorado
Join the Sebastopol FB groups. Ask around on your state thread. Finding a male is never a problem. Finding a quality one is more challenging but worth it if you want to make a mark on the breed. Most breeders will sell surplus ganders in the fall once they determine where they fit into their long-term goals. No need to jump through hoops. You won't see your first egg out of them until next spring. Let them mature and see what you are working with. He might be an exceptional bird and it would be a shame to pass on that. With 20 goose he has 7-10 ganders. The odds of having full or 1/2 siblings is astronomical.
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