Sebastapol Goslings Pre Sale! Curly Geese!

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    Sebastopol Goslings Pre Sale! $40 for males, $50 for unsexed goslings, $85 for a sexed pair.

    Curly Whites & Also Splashes, with Baby Blue Eyes!

    DO NOT CLICK BUY IT NOW!!! PM me if you are wanting to order goslings!!! This is a pre sale on Sebastopol goslings. I will be hatching out whites and also splashes this spring/summer starting in March... These are from several different flocks. I have a pen of SQ whites straight from Holdereads show lines, a pen with whites and 1 gray female,(that came from Dorothy), that can give whites and also splashes, and also a flock of my friend's that has all whites. I will mark all eggs and band all chicks and you can choose which flock you want yours from... The parents have gorgeous light blue eyes... The goslings will have gorgeous long feathered ballerina skirts that are curly and dance in the breeze when they are adults. My SQ whites are all more petite in frame and are beautiful birds. The gray female is larger but I have her with a small male to downsize her offspring. She is beautiful! Sebastopols are known to be one of the most gentle natured goose breeds, and the goslings will follow you around like little puppies... My children just love them....

    I accept payment in full by PayPal immediately when you place your order. If you pay by PayPal you will need to add 3% to your grand total for their fees... If you would like to pay with a money order or check contact me

    I will ship goslings express next day service in a chick box... 4 or 5 can fit in one box and shipping is $50. I guarantee live goslings or will replace them if buyer pays for shipping... I put fruit and jello for them to snack on in the box with them. I do not ship if temps are below 40 or above 90...

    Thanks, Kristina 816-293-5155

    You can contact me anytime at 816-293-5155. Thanks, Kristina

    “ Thanks & Happy Bidding From: Jordan Family Farms”
    A few of ours... these are winter photos so they do not have their full skirts right now in these pics...

    Some pics of Sebs in full skirts in the fall time, In the summer and fall they have the best skirts...

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