Sebastopol adults and goslings available pickup-Md 20772


12 Years
Aug 30, 2007
upper marlboro. md
I have decided to drastically reduce my current flock size. I am going to concentrate only on white sebs. I have all my other geese up for sale.[ Giant Dewlap Toulouse, Pilgrims as well] Please do not bid, but pm me if interested. These are for pick up only- too hot to ship now.
Saddleback sebastopol adults- 1 curly and the others are smooth breasted- all Holderread's line $75 each 1-2 years old
1 lavender smooth breasted gander $75 Holderread's line- 2 years old
1 splash smooth breasted female $75- almost all white but has a couple dark feathers 1 year old
1- no curl at all sebastopol female- carries the mutated gene and produces smooth breasted babies- VERY productive!$25
2 sebastopol saddleback goslings 2010- sex unknow $40 each
If you buy more than 1, I will give you a price break


10 Years
Apr 18, 2009
Shamong, NJ
Was just at chickygirl's place yesterday picking up a wonderful Saddleback sebbie gosling. He ( I think) makes a wonderful addition to our other birds. She has a wonderful place and if you are nearby you should take advantage of these lovely birds.

Thanks again Patty, we really enjoyed visiting your place. Our other new addition are all doing great as well!


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