sebastopol eggs???


10 Years
Apr 24, 2009
Modesto, California
I'm interested in hatching a couple of Sebs for a friend of mine, but don't have any idea where to get eggs. I want to hatch them for her so they will imprint her, rather than being standoffish like some of the shipped goslings can be.

Can some of you share where you got yours?

Thanks everyone.
if you get young goslings they are very friendly.....My geese stopped laying almost a month ago so you might not have any luck finding any eggs.
I doubt seriously you'll find any eggs now, everyones geese stopped laying several weeks ago, especially the sebs. You'll have to wait until about Feb or March of next year now.

I thought it was kinda late, but I was hoping some of the Geese in the more Northern climates might still be laying.

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