Sebastopol Geese trio


13 Years
Apr 12, 2008
Buffalo, Missouri
Trio (1 male, 2 females) of Sebastopol Geese, hatched early spring 2010, will be laying in the spring 2011. Have spent all summer free ranging here. They have had all the grasses they could eat plus game bird feed every evening and had 2 ponds to learn to swim in and they love the ponds. They have not wandered at all and put themselves to bed in the barn every night on their own. They're very people oriented and friendly and come running with wings in the air, feathers sailing in the wind when I holler goose, goose, goose. They follow people around and are used to dogs, cats and other poultry. They do rule when it comes to the chickens and can be overbearing with them so I would not recommend penning them with chickens. They are fine if they can get out of each others space. I'm in SW Missouri.

Shipping will be calculated and based on where you live plus the cost of shipping boxes. They must go together but will be shipped in their own box. If you have shipping boxes and want to send them, that's fine too. Not show quality but nice geese. Some of the photo's below are before they fully feathered out. They will only get prettier.



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