Sebbie eggs**update we have fertility!!! YAH


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Jan 18, 2008
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Can someone tell me how many days into incubation can you see veining in a sebastopol egg. I now have four in the incubator. The earliest is from the 17th, but it looks like a dud and another which I set 1-2 days later looks as if it has a little veining starting....

I'm so excited! I hope I will have sebbie babies soon!!!!

I have four girls out here now and two are laying off and on this week. I hope the other two will lay in a week or so. As soon as I can determine fertility, I may have some eggs for sale. I only have one seasoned breeding pair. The young ones are having a difficult time figuring it out. It's kind of funny to watch.....
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May 7, 2007
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I would see the faintest veins early on before day 5. On day 7 there was no mistaking the veins. By day 10 I could see more than veins. I could see the little gosling moving and swishing inside the egg. I candle mine almost every day. The changes are so dramatic. My goose eggs are due one day next week. I am giddy at the thought! Good luck with your hatch.

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