Sebbie gosling loosing feathers


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Nov 14, 2009
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My sebbie is about 2 months old. As her feathers came in her wings got very heavy....well almost every one of those blood feathers has broken and fallen off. She has 1 or 2 on each wing now. New ones are growing in, but I'm wondering what the problem is? She's been very fluffy (curly) since her feathers started coming in. This heavy wing phase has lasted a few weeks. By contrast her brother grew in very smooth and his heavy wing phase was only a few days. Any ideas what's going on? What can I do to help her? They are on game bird starter 3 times a day and unlimited grass/weeds etc.
This is about 3 weeks ago

Looks like you have one curly breasted and one smooth breasted sebastopols . He should be curly on his back and thighs when he feathers out. Nice babies.
They don't need gamebird starter at this age; after 3 weeks you are supposed to cut back their protein to help avoid angel wing. Get them on a lower protein diet ASAP and see if that helps.
I'll switch her to a lower protein isn't angel wing though (had a Pekin with it last year) these feathers are breaking off after they get to be about 4" long. Is there some type of deficiency that causes this? I do give them brewers yeast a few times a week. Should I cut that out?
The same thing is happening to my sebbies. They are 2 months old and their wings are heavy. I don't think the muscle are strong enough to hold them up just yet. I acutally pulled a feather right out of the shaft leaving this tube looking thing behind. I looked at both my geese and it has happened to both of them. I'm guessing this is natural. They don't seem to be bothered by it and the feathers are all growing back. I don't think you have to worry. I did however put some blue-kote on the females (Ginger) wing because I did see some blood and I didn't want any of the other birds to peck at it.


You can see a little of the purple on the females wing.


If you look close you can see where the male lost the feather and that tube looking thing is there.
Sometimes they just break off a few feathers.
Drooping wings are common from the heavy blood filled pin feathers.
Some just stay in that stage longer than others.
Its perfectly normal.
Nothing to worry about unless she keeps losing more feathers.
The above poster is right about lower protein feed.
Try to stay in the 16 -18 % range.
Lots of grass, fresh water and exercise is the best thing you can offer growing goslings.
Good luck with your babies!
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